how about we lose the word expectation. let’s do things different, do what we want to do, be who we want to be. let’s be free, we will eventually see that we would be happier if less was expected. live in the moment without fear of being rejected. 

forget what we were meant to know, there are many different ways and steps. explore other options, ignore what they expect. 



we sometimes act out as if we are unleashing inner thoughts. thoughts that we don’t even think about if that makes sense? we unleash at heated times, releasing things from our mind, a reaction that can be known as unkind. 

we explode at times without hesitation, situations building up creating frustration. we don’t think about the consequences or what life will be like when things are said. we just burst out wild thoughts on the top of our heads.

what does this do? frustration can make us act out forgetting at times what the fight is even about… is it really a fight? or am I adding to the fire? the reaction you have exploited was not even desired.

sometimes you are the issue. you don’t see how powerful your reaction can tamper with everyone around you. 

manage me, I’m a mess 

you are terrifying, you are sweet, you are ruined, you are fresh. my mind tries to capture you looking outside of the mess. the mess that you define yourself as, the intruinging morals that you test are something that I cannot live without, we are all a mess.

I like the mystery and the way you pull me in, the presence of you’re soul always draws me in, wanting to explore deeper into you’re skin. 

you shut me me out completely without any explanation at all, my calculated brain will continue to fall.

fall, fall for you and the mindset you portray, the different mentality like no other way. 


the shiver that constantly rushes from your brain to your stomach. the doubt, the heart stopping feeling that cuts you in two. it can make you sick what it does to you. the anxiety rises but some people have no clue.

how you can feel from going like no one can bother you to your demeanour cutting your soul in half turning it blue. 

happy days, bad days but every day is a blessed day. we wake up in the morning, that’s a blessing in itself. start thinking about your well being and fuck everyone else. 

you should know

you don’t understand the way that you look tonight. the way you look every night, you are the best looking in sight. that you resemble a lightening bolt cracking in the air. you are the excitement. you surprise me and I stare. scary at the same time but my adrenaline has been tested. you’re soul cracking like lightening there is nothing more majestic. 


I don’t know what you’re gonna say next. I try and do everything for you and show that I care, but maybe I care too damn much. maybe you aren’t used to accepting love because you weren’t shown enough. baby why do you put your arm around me then turn away so quick, 

why do you kiss my lips when you’re drunk. Is it because you wanna play me or is because you need saving. kiss me all you want but I need you when I’m sober, just let me know what you want my feelings are taking over 

lack of communication 

you can’t talk, you just fucking yell. so we can be friends? you’re just my mom? oh well. you treat me like a child! I wanted to be closer than close. If yelling was a contest you would overdose. tired of the stress, the negativity has been fucking with my mind. I don’t need highshool drama, I thought I left all that behind. if you want respect from me, it will take time, the relationship we could have had might take a lifetime.

love & hate 

when we’re drunk, I either hate us or love us the most. you fuck me up with all of your yes’ & no’s. one minute you tell me to kiss you, next you tell me to stop…

I don’t know what to think, I know I shouldn’t get attached. we even went out & got matching tats….

no one can play with my mind like you do, no one can touch me like you do.

you smile at me one day, turn away the next, tell me to fuck off, then we have sex.

wishful thinking 

you don’t say anything at all, but I know you feel it too. when we’re drunk & fucked up, we always tend to screw. I wish you could let me in your mind & want me when you’re sober. time is passing us by, my feelings are taking over. you’re pretty face is one I’ll never forget, things we’ve done & argued about but I’ll never regret. I’ll never regret putting my body & lips on yours. you fuck me up, but I’ll always be back for more

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